The Company’s culture is strongly defined by a history of engineering excellence and successful product development. HII is one of few American companies who have earned the right to boast about our total self-sufficiency in the design and fabrication of our product. Within our own facilities, through the use of our own machinery, we produce 95% of our completed product, from cabinetry to the most intricate componentry, thus eliminating our dependency upon outside sources for quality, reliability, and expediency. Because of this self-sufficiency, we are able to maintain several advantages over our competitors, including faster response to engineering and design problems and reliability of components critical to the function of our products.

HII strives to provide quality products and services. We stand behind all of our production. We invest in research and development and new market opportunities. We leverage existing core defense and commercial programs and business areas for the constant improvement of our product. In order to ensure that each unit manufactured by us is of superior quality and reliability, HII has independently established, and constantly maintains an astringent quality program. We presently conform to the requirement AS9100/ISO 9001:2008 and third party certified. Our future will come from the excellence of our work. In short, Hydraulics International, Inc. (HII) has combined the greatest talent, skill, and equipment available. We are completely focused on fulfilling customer product and service demand.